Friday, August 13, 2010


The problem isn't economics it's that Democrats (who've headed congress since 2006) lack the logic & common sense to understand economics, government spending is not the answer.

Bravo Democrats, the greatest illusion / hoax in modern history

Most Americans still believe the old adage that Republicans are the party of the rich, and Democrats are the party of the average working man. Perhaps it was once true, but while Americans were being lulled into big government utopia, the transformation of the Democrat party, its leaders and politicians, went unnoticed. No longer the party of paupers, Democrat lawmakers continued to distract the masses with the tired old “Republicans are the fat cats” while stuffing their pockets with taxpayer and union dues millions until they have, in reality, become the fat cats they once claimed to loathe. Case in point, look at some of the recent Democrats in or running for office, Mayor Bloomberg very liberal mayor of New York, bought his office seat with personal campaign donations from his billions, the 2 recent Democrats running for the governor’s seat in Minnesota, millionaire Matt Entenza, and multi-millionaire, and high-end retail store heir, Mark Dayton.

Unions have traditionally supported Democrats because they once were the party of the common worker, obviously that is no longer the case; Democrats have become the party of millionaires / billionaires and elitists, as well as progressive thinking academia. Union leaders continue to support Democrats in hopes of receiving government handouts in the form of government contracts, jobs etc. Recently though studies have shown that government workers earn on average 2 times more than the average private sector worker……unfortunately for Democrats this is an unsustainable financial arrangement; when government requires more money than the private sector (taxpayers) can pay the net result is a deficit that will collapse the U.S. just like Greece. Moreover, many union workers, like other Americans, earn their salary from private sector companies. As Democrats continue to excoriate, and pillage private sector businesses for massive tax increases to protect their government bureaucracies and jobs; the union jobs will also suffer from the very hand that claims to be their protector.

In recent years, the greatest sleight of hand seems to have fooled at least 51+% of the nation. Barack Obama won presidential election claiming “change”, and distracting voters by repeatedly blaming George Bush for our economic woes and everything wrong with the country. In reality though the country had been ruled by Democrats since 2006……Bush had no significant hand in writing legislation, budgets or laws since Democrats stormed into the majority in Congress in 2006. The distracted voters played right into Democrat leadership’s trap, and instead of “change”…….we’ve ended up with more of the same…..job losses, business closings, massive deficits, debt, and political corruption for one simple reason……electing a Democrat to the office of president wasn’t change, because Democrats have been running the country into the ground since 2006.

The question is, will the “common man” / voter wake up to reality on November 2nd? The reality is that you’ve been duped by Democrats for 4 years America (longer than that if truth be told). The fact is that Americans can no longer afford the “change” we’ve been duped into believing. It’s time to realize that rather than change, the election of a Democrat into office, was more of the same economic damage to our economy and jobs that got us here to begin with.